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Hi, I'm Scott.
The Carbon and Soul bandcamp page hosts all the music I make in a wide variety of styles- and if you subscribe you will be the first to receive new music as it comes out. I record often, so it will never be long between releases.
My latest project is called 'Sax and Violence' which is a collaboration with Leslie Wacker, a phenomenal sax player. This electronic sax and violin band will also be releasing a bunch of music on this page.

Subscribers will receive a download of every album on the Carbon and Soul page- a sizable collection! And every future release.


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    Subscribers at the 40/year level will receive two physical gifts every year- custom CDs, Tapes, Art
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    At 60 a year you will receive two merch items a year and an exclusive mix collection- I'll go thru my archive and chop up tracks to create a one of a kind experience for the listener- 40-80 minutes of continuous music
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Carbon and Soul
Detroit, Michigan

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